Silicone Ring Sizing: How to Pick the Right One

Silicone Ring Sizing: How To Pick The Right One

Silicone rings are just a replacement for your metal rings, right? Surely the sizes can’t be different?

Well, you’d be wrong there. If you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, let me be of service to you. Silicone bands are relatively new to a lot of people, and some of the practices surrounding it can get a bit tricky. Don’t worry; this isn’t going to take long to figure out.

Your silicone ring size is not going to be the exact same as your metal band size. All that time you spent in the jewelers isn’t in vain, though. We’re going to tell you how you can use your current metal ring size to determine your silicone ring size.

Once you have this down pat, it’s going to be simple to order replacement silicone bands whenever you want them, with no problems. Let’s discuss everything you need to know.

Why Silicone Rings Anyway?

Similar to traditional metal rings, silicone rings take style and comfortability to a new level. Sadly, using the right ring sizers doesn’t eliminate the possibility of discomfort from wearing your ring (metal) over time. I don’t mean to be a buzz killer, but there’s also the possibility of you misplacing your ring, perfect fit or not.

Well, guess what’s comfortable to wear, affordable, and even safe to wear in no metal areas? You guessed right, Silicone rings, of course! Having a metal wedding ring and a silicone wedding ring is a wise choice. Think of it as a colorful, comfortable, and easily replaceable alternative for your traditional metal rings. We can all agree you’d rather lose it than your metal rings.

Need help with your silicone ring sizing guide? Well, keep reading!

Women’s silicone rings

We had to mention that of course, both men and women wear silicone rings.


You can find out here about men’s silicone ring products.

How to Measure Your Silicone Ring Size?

This is the easy part. Take any metal ring that you have right now, whether that’s a wedding band or just an aesthetic ring, and determine the size.

You can either draw off your memory, or you can buy a cheap sizing tool off of Amazon and see how big your ring is, and match that against how well it fits. It could all work.

By either going off your memory or using a sizer, you should now have your metal ring size. That’s good: it’s one size above your actual silicone ring size.

The general rule of thumb with silicone ring sizing is that you always go one size down. You rock an eleven right now?

What Else Should I Know About Silicone Ring Sizing?

Ensuring your rings fit perfectly does not only ensure your comfortability but also helps increase your ring’s longevity. The use of physical ring sizers is luckily not the only option. Ring sizing charts, printable ring sizers, string methods, etc., are all alternative and effective ways to measure your finger you can try. 

In cases where you cannot use any of the above methods, using the size of someone with similar hands won’t hurt to try.

Order a ten. This is because the silicone stretches after it’s been on, and then it’s “worn in”.

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