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Best Silicone Rings in 2022

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runner up

Qalo Strata

from $29.95

These rugged-looking silicone rings have a satin silver finish on the exterior ring with a black silicone layer underneath. You can also opt for gold and copper finishes. Qalo backs things up with a no-questions-asked replacement guarantee.

our favorite

Enso Classic Contour

from $49.95

They’re available in 9 colors from black to rose gold, but I’m partial to this gunmetal platinum color. Infused with precious metals and featuring a beveled edge, this silicone ring from Enso comes standard with a lifetime warranty against rips, tears, and discolorations. You can also browse through dozens of other colors, styles, and personalization options for both men & women.

best value

Maui Rings Arctic

from $9.99

Don’t let the low price fool you — these Maui Rings are every bit as good as the other brands shown here. Breathable, hypoallergenic, and protected by a 1-year warranty, you can also choose from traditional solid colors like black or stone gray. Or pick up a 3-pack of rings in various colors for only $16.99.

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The Advantages of Silicone Rings

Silicone Wedding Rings

Keep scrolling down to see all our reasons why we love silicone wedding rings for men and women. You can also click one of the below links to jump ahead to each brand:

Enso Rings   ·    Qalo Rings   ·   Saferingz Bands   ·   KnotTheory   ·   Maui Rings   ·   Groove Rings

Weddings come steeped in decades of tradition, some of which are, unfortunately, far more expensive than others.

Preparing for your big day should be an exciting time, but everything from venue fees to florist bills adds up.

It can be easy for your financial situation to put everything on a downer in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

This, after already spending so much on an expensive engagement ring.

One expected cost that is unnecessary is the gold wedding band. Of course, you may have already saved up three months’ salary for a huge diamond ring.

(How else could you possibly ensure that the girl of your dreams would say yes?)

But why do you need to pay through the nose for your own solid gold or tungsten or paladium wedding band?

This might seem like a bit of a wasteful investment, especially if you aren’t the type who cares about fancy jewelry.

This is where silicone wedding rings come into play. Read on to find out why there is no better ring than a best silicone ring for men.

First: Aren’t Silicone Rings Just Cheap Rubber Wedding Bands?

In a word, no.

A top-quality silicone wedding ring is far nicer and more durable that you might think if you haven’t handled one.

These are nowhere near being cheap rubber wedding rings made from the same stuff as a rubber band.

While premium silicone has the look and feel of rubber, it is not 100% natural like rubber is — but that’s a good thing.

Silicone’s primary ingredient is silica (sand) but the addition of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and other fillers produces a durable elastomer. Think of the relationship between rubber and silicone as being similar to the relationship between raw gold or iron and a specific alloy.

No jeweler uses pure 24K gold to make rings or necklaces. Instead, 14K or 18K gold incorporates additional elements to create a finished product with improved durability characteristics. It’s the same idea when distinguishing between rubber wedding bands and silicone wedding rings.

Unlike rubber, silicone is very resistant to extreme heat, cold, abrasion, and UV exposure. With most rings, the silicone will maintain its integrity in any temperature from -50 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it’s quick to return to its normal size when stretched or compressed. If your ring is too large, you can shrink a silicone ring.

Silicone does not absorb or react with most chemicals, and it’s 100% food safe. That means it’s safe enough that it often appears in medical devices and implants.

You can check out this from GrooveLife to get an idea of why some silicone rings might be cheap or useless. The brands we’re highlighting fall on the “good” end of the spectrum, though.

What Makes Them Cool Rings For Men?

Silicone wedding bands have exploded in popularity in recent years, in part because of the economic benefits.

The average groom wants a band that’s a symbol of love. And one that commemorates an unforgettable day — not a piece of jewelry that breaks the bank.

And it’s not just grooms who are opting for a silicone wedding ring. All of the brands below offer multiple options for women’s rings as well, to include unique colors, textures, and stackable styles for brides who want a silicone engagement ring in addition to their wedding ring.

Cost For Silicone Wedding Rings

This one is a no-brainer.

As they’re not made of precious metals, they’re much more affordable than gold, platinum, paladium, and the like. Even premium silicone wedding rings with fancy textures or custom engraving/imprinting will barely make a dent in your wallet.

But the appeal of rubber wedding bands goes beyond cost efficiency.

Custom Silicone Rings = Countless Options for Designs, Colors, & Personalization

Browse the websites for any of the brands listed below and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

You can choose from no end of options for color (or colors), textures, and printed-on designs. Many brands also offer personalized engraving or printing, in case you want a custom silicone ring.

You’ll find far more variety than you would with metal rings, to include camouflage patterns and officially licensed college rings from brands like GrooveRing.

Silicone Rings Are Much Safer than Traditional Metal Bands

Here’s the main selling point when it comes to silicone rings.

Silicone wedding bands are far superior to their gold, silver, platinum, tungsten, or palladium counterparts when it comes to safety.

Any chance that you might break your finger or catch your hand on something in your daily activities?

A metal band + a rapidly swelling finger is bad news. A broken finger can require cutting a metal ring to relieve pressure. Silicone Rings are much easier to break open when needed.

Equally bad news is a snag that results in a skinned (or accidentally amputated) finger. See the below blurb about ring avulsion.

If you work in a demanding profession or regularly wear gloves, silicone is your best bet over metal.

Want to wear your ring all the time? Rubber wedding bands can stay on for sports, manual labor, or outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.

Are you looking for a ring that you can wear to the gym without having to store it in your locker or bag? That feature has made silicone rings very popular within the CrossFit community in particular.

Ever Hear Of A Ring Avulsion Injury?

If not, I do not recommend Googling images of it. This post from Qalo has some stats and what-to-do instructions if it happens to you.

It’s pretty nasty stuff. You may remember that Jimmy Fallon nearly lost a finger to it after an accident in 2015. He talks about that experience here. Heavy machine operators to emergency room nurses (nurse silicone rings) alike prefer bands that fit snugly to prevent snagging.

Or they want bands that come off easily when the situation calls for it.

That’s a big contrast to gold bands, which mold to your fingers and can be impossible to take off. Tight fit becomes even more dangerous if you suffer a finger injury or swelling.

Flexible Ring Size = More Comfortable Fit In All Conditions

We may not notice it, but our fingers swell and shrink quite easily over time. This is especially true as temperature and humidity change with the seasons.

No worries here. A silicone ring can stretch and contract to maintain a secure fit. You won’t need to worry about how tight a ring should be, or ensuring that you choose the exact right size.

With a silicone rubber wedding ring you’ll have a pretty wide range of sizes that will stay comfortable even with swelling or shrinking. And most will allow you to exchange a ring if it turns out not to be the optimal size. Do you know how to size silicone rings to fit you perfectly?

If you want to be 100% sure on fit, you can check out a few ring sizer options from GrooveLife here.

The ultralite nature of these rings means you’ll barely feel them on your finger. Contrast that with heavier metal bands that can get annoying when you type on a keyboard for a long time.

Even women are starting to see the benefit of silicone for their own engagement and wedding. Silicone rings for women are scratch-resistance and durability compared to gold are big selling points among active women.

You don’t have to sacrifice style simply because you prefer a safe alternative to the traditional gold band. Read on for some great choices.

These seven brands that produce high-quality, long-lasting silicone rubber wedding bands that are as practical as they are gorgeous.

Enso Rings: Classic Elements Copper

Silicone Enso Rings

You probably like the idea of a ring that will not scratch or become molded to your finger because of swelling.

But if you still prefer a more conventional look, this is the silicone ring for you.

With a gorgeous copper finish, this ring breaks from the cliched gold look while maintaining an elegant and timeless feel.

If you want a silicone ring that still looks like a classic wedding band, then this is the wedding band for you.

With Enso Rings, you have several options if you’re looking for a rose gold silicone ring for your wife-to-be. These rings aren’t just a fancy color — they have real rose gold infused into the silicone.

Enso Rings: Rose Gold Silicone

Judging by the nearly 10,000 customer reviews that you can see here, they seem to be pretty popular among people looking for the best wedding silicone ring out there.

Just like GrooveRings, Enso Rings also offers gift cards from $25 to $200 if you’re not sure which ring to get. Check them out here.

Qalo Rings

Qalo Rings – Strata Silicone

Qalo (occasionally misspelled as Qualo Rings) makes some seriously nice silicone wedding bands.

If you want practical, durable, and affordable, the above ring — the Qalo Strata — is the perfect fit for you.

This ring fits true to the size of a traditional wedding ring. But it offers a distinctive two-tone look with a metallic exterior and black inside.

You can browse their other options like the below “silver” silicone ring with a swirled metallic finish by clicking here.

Qalo Silver Silicone Wedding Band

Like most other brands, Qalo Rings are available with personalization in the form of custom engraving.

They’ve also released some new designs recently, and one that I’m a big fan of is the Forged ring like the one you see below. It showcases the rugged appearance of hammered metal.

Qalo Forged Ring

Qalo Ring Sizing

Got questions about how to determine ring size for your Qalo ring? Just click here for instructions on how to figure out your size at home. They also offer solid refund and exchange policies in case your order doesn’t fit just right.

Qalo Silicone Dog Tags

This isn’t related to their rings, but I found their silicone dog ID tags to be pretty cool. So I wanted to share them with you as well.

SafeRingz Metallic Silicone Rings

Are safety and workplace demands are the biggest factors in your choice of wedding band? Go for a brand that puts safety first as well.

This ring comes in multiple color options, all of which you can see here. This silicone ring has a sleek metallic look that gives the appearance of a metal band, but significantly safer.

It’s non-conductive and chemically inert, yet still sports the most authentic metallic appearance possible.

SafeRingz not only cares about safety — as the name implies — but also charity.

An American company that is proud to support the troops, SafeRingz donates some of the proceeds of every wedding ring sold toward free rings for our active service members.

They also offer a free silicone ring to all military and veterans with the purchase of any ring.

Nothing feels better than finding a ring that perfectly meets your needs and active lifestyle. The bonus is knowing that you are helping others enjoy the same luxury.

Knot Theory White K-Edge Design Silicone Ring

KnotTheory Silicone Wedding Ring

When you think about it, there may be no better color to commemorate your marriage than white.

White is suitable for dresses and turtle doves at your wedding, right? So it should be suitable for the band you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life.

This white design is super sleek, simple, and ideal for the groom that wants something tasteful rather than flashy. If white isn’t your thing, you can find dozens of alternative colors at the same link.

Each silicone wedding bands engraved with a love knot, a symbol of the eternity and sacredness of marriage.

Knot Theory is an award-winning Canadian company, renowned for their elegant designs.

Some of the world’s most influential voices on men’s fashion and lifestyle have chimed in with their support.

If you know that the flashiness of gold or silver isn’t your style, white is the way to go.

It does not draw too much attention. But when people do notice, they’ll see the elegance and simplicity of your wedding band.

For something a little more eye-catching, check out their striped bands like the ones you see below:

Striped Wedding Rings

Maui Rings SPORT Silver Set

Maui Silicone Rings

These SPORT sets from Maui Rings are a GREAT value — for only $14.99, you’ll get one silicone ring in each of the four colors shown above. Each ring features medical grade hypoallergenic silicone and comes with a one-year money back guarantee. Check them out right here.

If you’re looking for something a bit more colorful and unique, then maybe the Adventure Arctic Silicone Ring is more your style.

Maui Arctic Silicone Rings

With a marbled blue design and the Maui Rings logo molded into the surface of the ring, it’s definitely eye-catching.

Groove Rings

Nomad Silicone Ring

They’re marketed as the “world’s most breathable ring.”

These silicone wedding rings from Groove Ring are a popular option for those looking for durability and comfort above all else. How long does silicone rings last? – Our answer – forever!

While working as an outdoor guide in Alaska, CEO Peter Goodwin got tired of rings that couldn’t keep up with him.

He then spent eight months perfecting the design and materials of Groove Rings. But he added one missing piece that he’d yet to see elsewhere, even with the best silicone wedding rings on the market at the time.

The figure 8-shaped grooves and channels inside each one give Groove Life Rings their name. They minimize the contact between your finger and the ring, while letting air in and moisture out.

Although it may not feel like a conventional ring, each Groove silicone ring has a softer outer band and a slightly harder inner band.

Under high tension, the Groove Life Rings will separate, protecting your fingers from breaking.

Groove Life offers a versatile selection of colors and designs, all made from medical grade silicone. Choose anything from a contemporary midnight black/raspberry red combination to a sporty deep stone grey/glacier blue style.

New Releases From Groove Ring

The newest Groove Silicone Rings are from their Zeus line. I haven’t had a chance to field-test them yet they appear to be some serious rubber wedding bands.

With a 3-part design, this sturdy silicone ring will flex slightly and will still break before your finger does. But they won’t stretch excessively like other silicone bands.

Groove Rings – Zeus Silicone Wedding Bands

Think of the Zeus ring as a combination of the best features of a silicone ring and a metal one.

Looking for a more natural, earthy look? Their Burled Ring or Nomad Relic Ring may be the perfect match for your tastes.

Groove Ring Burled Walnut Silicone Wedding Band

Groove Rings Stone Wedding Ring

You can also browse through officially licensed collegiate, camouflage, and several military/first responder designs.

Additionally, they have dozens of options geared towards women including stackable bands – these rings come in a variety of colors and textures.

Every Groove ring comes with a small infinity sign built into their logo. It acts as a subtle but unmistakable reminder of your lifelong passion and commitment.

Want to buy a silicone ring for your fiancé but don’t know which one he/she will like? Groove Ring offers gift cards in increments of $30 right here.

GrooveLife Silicone Watch Bands

In addition to wedding rings, Groove Life also offers silicone watch bands in several colors and textures. While there aren’t as many options as with their rings, you can likely find one that’s right up your alley.

Apple Watch Bands from Groove Life

They currently fit Apple Watches, with versions made for FitBits, Garmins, and Samsung Watches coming soon.

And the best part?

Each Groove Ring carries just about the greatest warranty I’ve ever heard of. It’s not a lifetime warranty, but it might as well may be.

If your silicone ring gets stretched, torn, or even LOST in the next 94 years they’ll replace it for you. The only tiny caveat is that after 1 year you have to pay $6 for shipping.

I’m also partial to Groove Rings because I met their CEO at an e-commerce conference in August 2018. He’s good people, and whenever possible I refer our readers to companies owned by someone I like and trust.

In Conclusion

You have far too many things to worry about when it comes to planning your perfect wedding. You shouldn’t add to your concerns by wearing an expensive and sometimes hazardous wedding band.

And you don’t need to blow even more of your wedding budget.

Get the best of both worlds with a sleek, stylish, silicone ring.


Silicone rings aren’t the only choice if you want something more unique than gold or platinum.

We recently learned about Manly Bands when I saw one of their ads pop up on Instagram. I got in touch with their CEO for a Q&A session about their rings.

They suggested that we feature their “Journeyman” ring (available here) which features koa wood, turquoise, deer antler, and rose gold plating in addition to tungsten carbide.

Manly Bands Wedding Ring

You can also find rings made from carbon fiber, Cerakote, Damascus steel, and even meteorites on their site.

Their options will run you quite a bit more money than a silicone ring. But I’ve yet to see anything as unique as what Manly Bands offers. For example Manly Wedding Rings.

Manly Bands will obviously offer less wiggle room in terms of size than a silicone ring. As such, they offer a low-cost ring sizer kit that will ensure a perfect fit for you. Pick yours up right here.

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