Silicone Wedding Bands For Military

Silicone Wedding Bands For Military

Time and need made silicone wedding rings popular. Thousands of couples have opted to use them instead of metal or traditional wedding bands, and it’s for plenty of reasons. What about soldiers or in the military? Why have they chosen to sport silicone wedding bands?

It’s different reasons for different military men. However, this article will highlight the common reasons why soldiers wear silicone rings. The most primary of these is because these accessories are safe, durable, and comfortable.


Silicone Rings Are Safe To Use

Soldiers are typically active, and they need to keep their fingers safe during training or when in combat. For the most part, they use silicone wedding rings as substitutes for their metal wedding bands. Apparently, they want to signify that they are married and wouldn’t want their spouses to be disappointed by not wearing their wedding rings. Silicone wedding rings will suffice when they go to work as they keep their traditional wedding rings safe at home. 

Consider that being physically active puts your fingers at risk if you’re donning a metal ring. It’s made of tough material. In case your accessory gets caught on something, it can lead to a serious injury called ring avulsion. A finger can be severed or amputated due to that. Statistics say that ring avulsion happens to over 150,000 people every year.

Men in the military constantly go through training, and they are at higher risk of finger injuries if they wear metal wedding rings. To steer clear of danger, they have opted to wear silicone rings that merely break away when it gets caught on something.

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Silicone Rings Are Comfortable

Being in the military requires somebody to participate in physically demanding and challenging tasks. Because of this, the army tends to prohibit the use of metal rings to ensure safety, such as that mentioned above. Then again, another advantage of silicone rings is that they are comfortable. You simply wear it, and it’s so soft you can hardly feel or notice that you have it on. On the other hand, sporting a metal ring tends to feel tight and bulky on your finger.

Undergoing basic to advanced training to deployment entails practicing the necessary precautions; among them is wearing silicone wedding bands. The soft rubber material of this adornment guarantees you comfort wherever your military duties require you to go.

What’s even better is that a silicone wedding band is breathable. You thus have to mind buying a premium brand. Purchasing a good quality silicone ring gives you an accessory that lets the air in and the moisture out. You’ll obtain maximum performance and durability from the product.

Silicone Rings Can Withstand Harsh Conditions

A soldier has to be ready for anything. Military training is just preliminary, and the truly arduous task is to be brave enough in combat, whether in the jungles of Vietnam or the desert in Afghanistan. A military man has to be tough, in the same way, that his silicone wedding ring should be. A silicone band can withstand the elements as an accessory, yet it looks simple for everyday use. Its soft rubber material easily flexes, bends, and stretches. The weather may be too cold to under -75 degrees, or conditions may be too hot at 500 degrees, but a silicone wedding ring does not give way. 

What’s Allowed For Rings In The Military?

Soldiers are allowed to wear a maximum of two rings as part of military regulations. This includes a wedding ring. Nevertheless, the finger jewelry that you have on should be safe, simple, and inconspicuous. Not that it is already a part of the rules, but it is generally not allowed to wear a traditional wedding ring in the military. A silicone wedding ring is the best substitute for it.

What Are The Qualities Of The Best Military Wedding Band?

The silicone wedding ring that you’ll wear as a military should adhere to standards of quality and safety, and they are the following:

  • It should be made of pure silicone material that’s safe, sturdy, and hypoallergenic.
  • It should be lightweight and breathable. 
  • It should be water-proof, heat resistant, flexible, non-conductive, and non-toxic.
  • It should be designed with a safety break-away feature that makes it snap under extreme resistance to protect and keep the finger safe.
  • It should incorporate a flexi-fit design that swells and shrinks to adapt with your finger.

Final Thoughts

For the above reasons and more, you’ll understand why silicone wedding bands are essential for use in the military. Safety, comfort, price, and durability are the primary considerations. Go for a premium and good-quality brand when purchasing a silicone wedding band for use in the military to guarantee that you get the best value for your money.

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