Sipdarks’ Original Whiskey Bullets Review

Whiskey and other spirits can be cherished in many ways. They are best enjoyed at room temperature during cold seasons and best appreciated cold during, you guessed it right—hot summer and humid seasons. Whiskey on the rocks? Tempting. However, it is not the same whiskey once diluted with water from the melted ice. Thank the Liquor gods for whiskey bullets! Yes, there is a way you could enjoy your whiskey cold with the same full-bodied flavor!

The Value of Steel Bullets: What Purpose Do They Serve?

Whenever you and your friends chill at home to play poker, watch football, or whatever it is that you guys enjoy doing, having a glass of whiskey at hand sets the mood right and relaxes everyone. Likewise, coming home to a glass of scotch or bourbon helps you loosen up a bit and dissipates that stress cloud you got from work.

However, sipping warm or tepid whiskey may not be what you have in mind but nothing a few blocks of ice couldn’t fix, right? Your glass of whiskey will be cold in a few swirls and will taste bland from too many swirling. It’s now water with a hint of whiskey. Yep, very not enticing.

This is where a nice set of whiskey bullets comes useful. Two to three bullets on your glass can cool your drink sans the water dilution from ice meltdown. You get to savor that rich, woody taste of your favorite scotch in every sip.

How About the Fridge?

You may be wondering “why not just put the whiskey in the fridge to keep it cold and have it chilled whenever you want?

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