Should You Size Down in a Silicone Ring?

Unique Qualities of Silicone Rings That Make Them Popular

In order to avoid the safety risks that metal rings pose or to find a ring that is flexible enough to go wherever their daily lives may take them, silicone rings have grown to be a popular option. While some brick-and-mortar stores sell silicone rings, most people buy them online, so it’s important to know what size you wear and how to order the right size. Fortunately, getting the right size is simple if you know how to measure.


Use of charts for sizing silicone rings

The simplest way to determine your size is to follow the guidelines provided in online sizing guides. These charts assist you in determining the diameter of the finger you intend to wear the ring on so you can purchase the correct size ring.

Even a video with instructions is available online to help you through the procedure. And even if you don’t have access to a flexible measuring tape, there are straightforward instructions that give you several options for how to measure accurately.

To know how rings fit

Metal rings do not stretch or flex, so they fit differently than silicone rings. Metal rings must be available in more sizes to ensure a good fit. When you first put on your silicone ring, it might feel a little snug because silicone rings are made of a flexible material that can stretch (just like a rubber band). But over the first few days, that extra stretch will help it adapt to fit your finger like a metal ring never could.

Should You Size Down in a Silicone Ring?

Half sizes should be changed. It’s important to note that silicone ring sizing is much easier than it is for metal rings. Knowing that a slightly tight fit is acceptable (and will stretch over time) for people whose measurements fall between two sizes helps you choose the appropriate size. Most people in between sizes should select the smaller size.

The importance of the right fit

If a silicone wedding ring doesn’t fit properly, it will either be too tight, which could be uncomfortable to wear all day, or too loose, which increases the risk that it will come off. This is particularly true if you wear your ring near or in the water, which can further loosen silicone rings. Check also our best silicone ring for womens.

No-risk sizing

If none of this makes sense to you or you’re still concerned that you might choose the incorrect size, don’t freak out. In the event that you order the wrong size, a jeweler can assist you in locating the correct one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the size of my silicone ring?

Finding your ideal ring fit will increase the longevity of your ring and make wearing it much more comfortable and breathable.

Use the free paper ring sizer that came with your ring, or know someone who does. Fit the red ring sizer (our most recent) normally around your finger and take the measurement. Before reading the measurement on a gold ring sizer, tighten it on your finger.

We advise ordering one size smaller if you are a half size. e.g., We advise the size 10 ring if you are a size 10.5.

You can’t do it yourself? No worries, we have you covered! Simply go to a jeweler; Another effective way to get your size measured is by going into a jewelry store.

How about if I’m in between sizes?

Only whole ring sizes are available for our silicone rings because half sizes are not required for the flexible silicone rings’ greater giveness.

For comfort fit rings, sizing down is advised if you are in-between sizes (for example, size 10.5 or size 10). Sizing up is advised for additional rings (size 11).

Do comfort-fit rings come in various sizes?

The curved inner surface of comfort fit rings increases comfort and breathability. Size down one size, whether the comfort fit ring is made of metal or silicone. Choose size 9 rings if your shoe size is 10. Choose a size 9 or 10 if your shoe size is 10.5.

What if my ring is either too big or too small?

You can get in touch with the jeweler or visit the nearest jewelry store as soon as possible to assist you in finding your ideal fit.

Should you size a ring up or down?

In order to get the right size and fit right away, it is crucial to measure your ring size. Most of the time, resizing problems can be avoided if you can take an accurate measurement the first time. But it frequently happens to purchase the incorrect ring size. When that happens, you’ll either need to have the ring resized or buy a new one.

Depending on the ring and whether you’re resizing it up or down, both options can be expensive, especially with an engagement ring or a wedding band. What happens, though, if you’re simply unsure of your exact ring size? A size 10 ring may fit perfectly when you try it on, but a different ring in the same size may feel a little loose.

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