Your Wedding Gift For Groom: A Step By Step Guide For 2019

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There are literally thousands of gift ideas for the bride and groom. The happy couple usually registers at different places to make wedding gift giving easy even if you can’t come up with a unique wedding gift idea on your own. But what if you want if you want to go off the registry and do your own thing. To help you make this difficult decision, we have compiled a number of personalized gifts for those special moments during the bachelor party or when doing something special with your friends.


The Alcohol Connoisseur

Survival Kit

Groomsmen Gift

Any groom-to-be who’s served our country — or who’s a hunter or outdoorsman — will love Groomsmen Central’s Survival Kit.

Housed in a surplus .50 caliber ammo can, we offer this gift with the can in original OD green, gloss black, or gloss red.

Inside you’ll find a felt-covered foam insert which holds everyone a thirsty groom would need. It includes 2 stainless steel pint glasses, a stainless steel flask, a funnel for the flask, and a .50 caliber bullet bottle opener.

This kit comes standard with custom engraving on each part, including the ammo can itself.

Steel Flask with 4 Shot Glasses Gift Set

Shot Glass Set

If you think a shot glass set would be a great match for the groom but have a small budget, Groomsmen Central offers this fantastic steel flask and shot glass gift set.

This gift set has a 6oz stainless steel flask, 4 steel shot glasses, and a funnel for the flask.

Opt for custom engraving and we’ll personalize both the flask and the heavy cardstock gift box.

Customized Growler Kit

Growler Kit Groom

Is the groom more of a beer drinker than a whiskey drinker?

Does he love craft beer?

A customized growler kit from Groomsmen Central will make his day.

Using the same surplus ammo cans that we do for the survival kits, you can choose to keep it in its original OD green or have it with a gloss black or red finish.

Inside the can you’ll find a foam insert that secures a 1-liter steel growler fillable at most craft breweries.

With plenty of space to work with, you can leave a special message, inside joke, or wedding date on the ammo can.

Personalized Beer Bottle Cooler

Personalized Beer Cooler

This personalized beer bottle cooler is another great idea for your beer drinking buddy. It’s great for outdoor events, from music festivals to camping to the big game. It can carry up to 12 bottles and its heat-sealed insulation will keep his beer cool in the heat.

The bonus? You can get up to 7 characters embroidered on the front so he’ll never have to worry about arguing over who brought the cooler.

The Foodie

IMUSA Large Electric Panini Press with 1400 Watts

Panini Press

For the groom who loves to mix it up in the kitchen, IMUSA’s panini press is the gift that will keep on giving for years to come for both the groom and the bride. Its use isn’t limited to just paninis either, you can cook various types of meat and veggies as well. It’s stainless steel with cool touch handles so he doesn’t have to worry about burning himself. It also has a power and heat indicator light so he can keep track of what’s going on.

Deluxe Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Star Wars Waffle Maker

Is the groom a foodie and an avid Star Wars fan? You present him with this Millennium Falcon waffle maker and he’ll love you forever. This waffle maker takes waffles to a different galaxy by creating the coolest shaped waffles he’ll ever eat.

Besides the awesome shape, this waffle maker also has a regulating thermostat and weighted lid. Plus, it has dual indicator lights to let him know when it’s ready for batter and when the waffles are done.

Gifts For The Techie

Accessories for His Car

The groom-to-be has to spend a lot of time in his car, so why not get him something to make it feel safer and more exciting?

A car health monitor is a great investment for him to avoid having to go to the mechanic for a check-up. It also helps provide security to know if his car is running properly or not. Buying a great car stereo and having it installed for him would also be an amazing surprise so he can listen to his music and podcasts with surround sound.

Tech Gadgets

Tech gadgets might not be the cheapest option, but they are a great option. Ask around for the best new tech gadgets that you think he would be interested in getting. There are some cool coffee makers, alarm clocks, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers that would be an awesome high-tech gift for most guys.

You may even look into what it would cost to wire your house to make it “smart

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