What Does It Mean When A Man Wears A Black Ring?

What Does It Mean When A Man Wears A Black Ring

There are many reasons why a couple would choose black wedding bands as an emblem of their commitment to each other. Both the bride and the groom can wear them, or merely the latter would.

If you have ever considered embracing the concept of black wedding bands, you first should know what they signify. When a man wears a black ring, what does it exactly mean?

There’s actually a deep meaning behind black wedding rings, and for the most part, it is derived from ancient history. Centuries ago, it was a common practice among the Greeks and the Romans to carve rings made of black onyx as symbolic emblems.

The Romans, in particular, fashioned black signet or seal rings to prove their authenticity. It is their way of identification. So other than donning these jewelry pieces for weddings, black rings have also been sported as fashion and statement symbols.

In today’s time, black wedding bands have become more popular. Perhaps due to their underlying historical implications, they remain to be manifestations of a couple’s love for one another. Old ways of romanticism are cherished through black rings as wedding bands.


Are Black Wedding Bands Ideal For You?

If you’re thinking about using black wedding bands for your marriage, you should get insights into their meanings. Then can you deem if it is suitable or ideal for you.

Reasons Why A Man Wears A Black Wedding Band

As a statement of his character and conviction

Primarily, a black ring represents strength and courage, not only in the physical sense but also in terms of one’s conviction.

If a couple wears black wedding bands, it thus means that they have a strong and healthy relationship. On each of their parts, their sense of commitment is incredibly strong. Black wedding rings are an embodiment of a man and a woman’s deep love and devotion to each other.

For functional or practical reasons, or for being such alternatives

For some couples, there’s no significant or deep reason for choosing black wedding bands. It may simply be because of practicality or functionality concerning their jobs or lifestyles.

A black wedding band would suit a man if, for example, he works as a construction worker or a manual laborer. It would be safer for him to wear a black silicone ring for safety while he is doing his job. Apparently, it will not be safe for him or his metal wedding ring if he wears the latter during his tedious work.

Under this circumstance, a black silicone ring can act as a substitute for a man’s metal wedding ring. After all, he would want to wear something to prove that he is married, and a silicone ring would suffice while he leaves his metal wedding ring or silicone engagement ring at home.

For reasons of safety and comfort

A married man may want to wear a black silicone ring for necessity instead of some profound or hidden meanings.

Especially when he has a dangerous job or profession, it might be more sensible to use a silicone ring. Examples are being a fireman, wherein it will not be safe to wear a metal ring inside a burning building, or working as a massage therapist where metal jewelry will impede their service. Professional athletes are known for wearing silicone wedding bands as alternatives, as well as people employed in the hospitality and food industry.

As an expression of dark style or personality

A black wedding band is apt to suit someone who has a passion for the macabre. If your style is Gothic or if you have a dramatic flair, it may be the perfect piece of accessory for you.

People fascinated with dark and sinister things are quite predilected to don black rings. It is their preference for style and as a fashion statement.

A few decades ago, black rings were associated with Satanism or the devilish, but society has come far from since. It’s because such pieces of jewelry have now become acceptable and mainstream.

As an assertion of political beliefs

A black ring can also represent a person’s political statement—those who push for equality in marriage like to wear this accessory to promote their beliefs.

For instance, a black wedding band engraved with the word “Equality” is sported by members of the LGBTQ who assert for marriage whatever their sexual orientation may be. It is a sign of their protest against an unjust or prejudiced society.

To join in on the fashion trend

Trends change and one of them is black rings becoming fashionable. Black, after all, is a striking color, and an avid fashionista would want to accessorize with it to stand out.

Since they are mainstream and are the hype, jewelers have devised ideas to make black wedding bands unique and elegant. Other than black silicone rings, there are those made of black tire, black matter zirconium, black wood, and tungsten materials for wedding bands.

Black Wedding rings

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What Does It Mean When A Man Wears A Black Ring?

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What Does It Mean When A Man Wears A Black Ring?

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What Does It Mean When A Man Wears A Black Ring?

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What Does It Mean When A Man Wears A Black Ring?

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What Does It Mean When A Man Wears A Black Ring?

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Final Thoughts

If you ever think about wearing a black ring or using black wedding bands for you and your spouse, the above information should have given you ideas about their significance and meaning.


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