What Finger Does Military Ring Go On?

What finger does military ring go on

Military rings are a distinctive item of statement jewelry that you will cherish forever. It serves as a symbol of your achievements and a period in your life that you treasured. You should wear that ring with pride because you earned it.

However, where and how can you best use your military ring to make a fashion statement? Continue reading to learn more about how to wear your military ring.


How should I put on my military ring?

Military rings are typically worn on the right hand’s ring finger. The wedding band, of course, is typically worn on the left hand by men as a symbol of a different celebration they may one day have.

The military ring also has some ceremony associated with how it is worn on your hand, which is one of its fun aspects. You should wear the ring with the insignia facing you while you are still enrolled in school, whether it be in high school or college.

You’ll turn that ring around after you graduate to proudly display your alumni status to others.

Can I use my index finger to wear my military ring?

You are more than welcome to wear your military ring on your index finger. If you want to ensure that a ring is noticed, wear it on your index finger. Other people will see everything you wear on your index finger because it is used for gestures.

The index finger is also bigger than the ring finger, which is the more traditional option for a military ring. It might be necessary to select a wider design if you intend to wear it on your index finger in order to keep it proportionate. When choosing which finger to have your ring sized for, there are a few things to consider.

What purpose does a military ring serve?

Military rings are reminders and symbols of the success of completing high school or college. The distinctive design includes a sizable, vibrant stone encircled by engravings that include the school name, graduation year, and other insignia.

The things you learn in school are things you can use for the rest of your life. Because you want your ring to do the same, it is typically made of sterling silver, platinum, or gold.

Military rings are incredibly intimate. They can be altered to emphasize your accomplishments and distinguishing qualities. The colored stone in the middle, which represents your graduating military and school, serves as a representation of your group membership.

Military rings can become treasured family heirlooms that are passed down for many generations as they are a special memento from a particular time in your life.


The military ring is a striking piece of jewelry that you can wear daily, bring out on special occasions, or whenever you are feeling nostalgic about the good old days.

When it comes to this timeless accessory, some customs dictate how it should be worn, and these are good rules to follow. But regulations, like the curfew in your high school, are there to be broken. You should feel free to make your military ring however you want and to wear it.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the army, am I allowed to wear my wedding band?

With Army uniforms, soldiers are allowed to wear a wristwatch, a wrist identification bracelet, and a total of two rings (a wedding set counts as one ring) unless the commander forbids it for safety or health reasons. Any jewelry worn by soldiers must be tasteful and conservative.

How should I stack rings?

Men occasionally stack their rings, which refers to donning multiple rings on the same finger. In the West, rings on the pinky finger were the most common jewelry used to create this effect because of the rings’ small size and suitability for stacking. Nevertheless, you are free to stack rings on any finger you like as long as you are aware that this appearance can be particularly striking and that the additional ring may further impair your finger’s motor function.

Do all military ring traditions resemble one another?

While there is probably a standard way to wear your military ring at military academies or other educational institutions, your school may have special requirements.

Which hand should I use to wear my ring?

Military rings are typically worn on your right hand. This is done to ensure that military rings and other jewelry are not mixed up (such as wedding rings).

Which finger should I wear my ring on?

Your military ring should be worn on the right-hand ring finger. Again, this is why it makes sense to make sure it is on your right hand.