Why Do Athletes Wear Silicone Rings?

Why Do Athletes Wear Silicone Rings

If you’re the sporty or adventurous type, you have to mind your personal belongings while relishing your active lifestyle. One of them is your wedding ring.

As an emblem of your commitment to your spouse, your wedding ring should be properly cared for. You wouldn’t want it to get lost during your escapades, nor would you need to scamper to look for it when your wife or hubby asks about it. This is when you take into account the significance of having a functional wedding ring.

Are you and your dear an active couple? Like the numerous others, you might have diverged from using traditional metal and diamond rings to signify your union, especially when you venture into outdoor sports. A viable alternative is to go for durable, comfortable, and safe silicone-based commitment rings.

When choosing silicone wedding bands, opt for a good quality brand that caters to your athletic, family and outdoor tendencies. These accessories are perfect for replacing your metal wedding band when you’re active in the gym, the woods, or in the mountains.

Prior to recent years, silicone rings were totally out of the radar for most people. At this point, nonetheless, these accessories have become workable alternatives to metal rings because they are indestructible and budget-friendly.

Athletes, young families, and those who want to get smart in securing a valuable asset- their original gold, silver or platinum wedding bands while engaging in sports- find silicone rings ideal substitutes. Why are silicone wedding bands a sensible option? Below is the list of their advantages.


What Are The Advantages Of Silicone Rings?

1. They are durable to use when playing sports or going on an adventure

Silicone, as a versatile material, is flexible, malleable and water-resistant. It can withstand extreme temperatures. These qualities are essential to look for if you want your wedding band to defy the elements when you’re playing outdoor sports or enjoying an adventure.

There are two assets that make silicone rings the better choice, and they are grip and nonconduction.

These rings wrap comfortably onto the skin and grip reliably onto it, preventing them from moving around while you’re active. Being akin to rubber, they are sweat and water-repellant. Despite the weather or your busy movement, the rubber-like properties of these accessories make them less slippery.

As a non-conducting material, silicone keeps you safe from an electric shock or a lightning strike.

2. They are sturdy and nick-free

Even if your silicone ring rubs against your mountain bike handlebars or the dumbells, you won’t see it get scratched. The hybrid material that it is made of- a combination of synthetic rubber and polymer- makes it non-abrasive, unlike metal.

The durability of this adornment is a perk, too, although it does not get very rigid. It is apt to steer you clear of accidents or getting injured whenever you are off the grid.

3. You can easily replace them because they are cheap

One of the biggest benefits of silicone wedding rings is their price. Just add on a few bucks if you want to customise yours. In the event that it breaks or gets lost, you can easily find a replacement by buying online or benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty. You won’t have any qualms about having them stolen, either.

4. They’re safe and smooth to wear when you get active

Diamond wedding rings need appropriate care and maintenance to look pretty and last long. Ring adjusters are added to these pricey accessories if your hands swell due to certain conditions, particularly during a long hike.

It can be disappointing when your diamond ring twists, consequently getting stuck under your bike or your ski glove. Other than this, these embellishments must be cleaned constantly when their metals become dull.

These hassles don’t happen with silicone wedding bands mainly because of their construct. Once you have yours on according to your finger size, it snugly fits around, hugging its natural curve.

Furthermore, silicone bands are lightweight. No worries about wearing them when you’re biking, fishing, swimming underwater or putting your gloves on. “Comfort fit” is what it is usually called. Basically, you can just put it on and forget about it.

5. They are a treasure in their own way

Your grandmother’s diamond passed on to the next generation can find its safe and cozy place somewhere else instead of being in a vulnerable state as an athlete’s wedding ring. It can easily get lost, causing much stress because it is a family heirloom.

On the other hand, you can purchase silicone wedding rings that are customizable and can be stylish. Feel free to add new styles to your adornments, such as modern colors, metallic sheens, unique sayings, and laser cutouts. 

These accessories are perfectly practical, but you can infuse your personal touch and tastes into them, making them a precious symbol of you and your spouse’s commitment to each other.

Silicone wedding rings can be you and your dear’s own special treasure.

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