Why Every Outdoorsman Should Have Silicone Wedding Bands

Why Every Outdoorsman Should Have Silicone Wedding Bands

The pride of an outdoorsman comes from his achievements. Or his catch, that is. Upon hearing the word “pride,” that connotes material or skillful success, and an accompanying apt image is that of a hunter or a fisherman.

These are the common notions of being an outdoorsman. However, that vocation goes beyond the measure of one’s catch or harvest. For most adventurous people, braving the challenges of the outdoors is a lifestyle. It is their pride and passion- a source of their pleasure. And their achievements in this arena they boldly show to the world.

It’s not surprising to see the accomplishments of an outdoorsman in his home. His love for adventure in the big wild is exhibited in various ways, like having the walls in his abode mounted with shed antlers and other wildlife arts. Outdoorsmen are basically fascinated with the wilderness that they bring tokens of this into their living spaces.

There are many ways in which outdoorsmen manifest their sports and inclinations, and among them is in the way they dress. Their clothing and accessories simply scream that “Yes, I am an outdoorsman.”

When it comes to outdoorsy accessories, there are functional and practical jewelry that outdoorsmen can wear to showcase their styles, tastes, and personalities. Likewise, these adornments have to be safe. One of them is silicone rings.


Silicone Wedding Rings For The Active Outdoorsman

Since time immemorial, jewelry for men and women has been created from metal. Nevertheless, trends change according to need, and there are now silicone wedding rings for outdoorsy couples. Apparently, this recent design has been made to render comfort and flexibility instead of formality. Other than silicone wedding rings, there are also wood cloth, old coins, and bone commitment bands.

It is silicone rings that are most popular, though, and both men and women can wear them as wedding rings. These hugely adapt to the safety needs of an active lifestyle, but they look modern enough for casual and everyday use.

Why Do Outdoorsy People Choose Silicone Wedding Rings?

The perks of wearing a silicone ring have influenced adventurers into choosing them as they enjoy their sports.

For one thing, if you are a golfer, a silicone wedding ring on your finger will not affect your grip- unlike a metal ring that’s rather bulky. A boater or an angler is not likely to lose their silicone wedding band when their hands get wet, too.

A silicone wedding band will be useful even when you work out in the gym. Other than signifying that you are committed, you can lift weights without removing them.

Depending on the brand, you can choose from various styles of silicone wedding bands. You can opt to have them personalized and customized. 

Silicone wedding bands are essentially breathable because of their high-performance elastomer blend material. It functions to let the air in while, keeping the moisture out.

Silicon sports rings have been designed for a “comfort fit” that minimizes skin contact. You don’t have to worry about chafing, and the safety of your hand is ensured. Whether you are a fisherman, a hunter, an athlete, or any kind of adventure-seeker, a silicone commitment band is ideal for you.

Note that such an accessory is flexible. It easily stretches to avoid injuring your finger. By all means, it is safer than a metal ring. The latter has been notorious for causing physical damage to the hand, particularly the dreadful finger degloving. The numbers are rising for the victims of this mishap, totaling over 150,000 people a year. Be wary because wearing a metal ring while doing a sport can lead to accidents that may mutilate the finger.

What Is The Best Silicone Wedding Ring?

Silicone sport rings are safe due to being stretchable. As you venture into the wild to do your thing, you don’t need to leave your wedding ring at home. Your spouse would not want that either. Thus, you can wear a silicone wedding ring as a substitute.

What’s so amazing about this piece of adornment is that it is stretchable. In the event of it getting caught on a rock or a tree, it will simply snap and release. It does not fail pertaining to comfort.

Silicone, as a material, has been deemed to be safe, especially as it is used in everyday items such as baby feeding bottle nipples, spatulas, and plenty of medical supplies. People use silicone-made items frequently, and it’s about time to know their benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Silicone Wedding Rings?

  • They are heat resistant- able to withstand 500 degrees before melting.
  • They are hypoallergenic and prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria.
  • They are stretchable. When something precarious happens, it tends to flex and break.
  • They are non-conductive and can prevent instances of electrocution.
  • They are affordable, costing only 1/10 of the average price of metal bands.

Final Thoughts

With the information above, you can mull over the benefits of silicone wedding rings for outdoorsmen and consider that they are necessary for a safe, active, and adventurous lifestyle.

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