Wooden Wedding Rings — We Review The Best Ones In 2022


Wooden Rings Q&A – Custom Wedding Bands For 2022

We’ve found that our audience likes to learn about the various wedding band options for men. We’ve covered a few non-traditional wedding rings in posts about the best silicone rings and Manly Wedding Bands. But we’re always on the lookout for new products that our readers might enjoy. So we wanted to touch on wood wedding rings, since (anecdotally) I’ve noticed them becoming popular lately.

I ran across Wooden Rings and was instantly intrigued by the different types of rings available and the customization options. I wanted to learn more about the wedding and engagement rings offered. So I did a Q&A with the Founder of Wooden Rings, Jeffrey Hoskins.

Below are my questions in bold along with his answers.

Oak and Steel Wedding Ring

Q: Tell me a little bit about Wooden Rings.

When I created Wooden Rings shop it was out of the desire to offer unique, made to order ring options. I wanted to allow for complete customization – all on a budget. We make our wood rings in the United States, have multiple customization options, provide a lifetime warranty, and offer free shipping. Just as importantly, we use sustainable wood (often salvaged or reclaimed wood) in all of our wood rings.

Wood Ring – Olivewood and Tungsten

Q: Why do you like wood rings more than normal gold or platinum wedding bands?

We started making wood wedding bands and found that our customers really liked them so we expanded our offerings over time. We now offer designs for every budget ranging from solid and layered choices to metal and bentwood. Our customers often comment on how great they feel on their fingers, the quality, and the uniqueness of the product – especially compared to traditional wedding rings for men.

Q: What are your most popular wood wedding rings?

Our bentwood ring collection is very popular and range from $89 to $119 with wedding ring sets starting at $179. Recently a lot of people have also gravitated to our layered wood rings, which are incredibly unique and range from $33 to $70 with wedding ring sets starting at $70. A lot of customers really like Hawaiian koa wood rings, particularly if they have island roots or have lived in Hawaii.

Wooden Ring with Rosewood Layers

Q: What types of customers tend to buy wood wedding rings?

People who are drawn to a wooden wedding ring over more traditional options include a variety of demographics and are from all over the world. It is not uncommon for us to ship to 10 different countries in a single week.

Engagement Ring Made of Wood

Lots of customers looking for unique wood engagement rings seem to like some of our offerings like the one above, available here.

Q: How are the rings customizable?

We have over 100+ woods from every continent and over 30+ inlays (silver, gold, meteorite, fossils, etc.). The best thing about our customizations is most of them carry no extra cost because all of our products are made to order. Just choose the ring on the website that is similar to what you want and put a note with your customization requests or send us an email to discuss all of the options.

We offer custom engraving for an extra $20 — most rings can feature engraving either on the inside or outside. You can also add a rosewood gift box to hold one or two rings.

Q: If someone were looking to spend $100-$200 on a ring, what would you recommend? Are there any more affordable options that have been particularly popular?

Almost all of our rings are under $200. I would recommend they visit the website and choose a ring that best fits their personality, style, and needs. In addition to rings that are made 100% from wood, we also have rings that are made from sterling silver, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, and gold.

Wooden Wedding Ring with Turquoise

Q: Are the rings waterproof?

You can order ours with a matte finish or opt for a “Ring Armor” coating that waterproofs the ring. Additionally, the coating provides more durability and a gloss finish.

Q: Do you really offer a lifetime guarantee? How does that work? 

Yes, that is how firmly we believe in the quality of our products. Whether the ring breaks or simply wears out, just shoot us an email and we will make and ship you a new one.

Q: How can people make sure they get the correct sized ring? 

Our customers send their ring sizes in a variety of formats (mm, inch, circumference, diameter). You can print a ring sizing chart online for free or order a ring sizer from our website. You can also get your ring size for free from any local jeweler.

Q: What are your plans for the future? I know that koa wood rings in particular are quite popular — any plans to add ring options like those?

We are always buying unique woods and adding to our product offerings. Keep an eye on our website or follow us on social media to remain up-to-date on new wood rings and social media giveaways.

In Conclusion

A big thanks to Jeffrey and the team at Wooden Rings for the time to provide us these answers.

For those looking for unique and fully customizable wedding bands then I would recommend checking out the variety of options from Wooden Rings.

If you have any materials that you would like to see a ring made out of leave a comment and we will pass it along.

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