Jul 19, 2010

Water blending ceremony is an alternative to the sand ceremony or the unity candle. I didnt want to do the same ol same ol but I still wanted to keep the tradition so this works perfect to us.

The Unity Water ceremony incorporates two small glasses of different coloured water and a larger glass into which the smaller glasses are emptied creating a third colour.

Here is the wording my justice of peace gave me. This is similar in concept to the Unity Sand ceremony.

__________ holds the container of yellow water. Yellow is the color of sunshine. The color yellow commonly represents joy and happiness. It also stands for wisdom.
__________ holds the container of blue water. First prize gets the blue ribbon. Blue represents confidence and trust. A "true blue" friend is faithful and trustworthy.
__________ and __________, this empty vessel between you represents your marriage. It is a new beginning in your relationship with each other.
__________ as you pour your yellow water into the container you bring sunshine and wisdom to your marriage. And __________ as you pour your blue water into the marriage vessel, you bring confidence, trust and loyalty to your marriage.
The blending of the yellow and blue water creates green, representing the blending of your lives together as one. The color green represents stability, endurance, growth and harmony.
May your marriage reflect these qualities. May your energies in this marriage blend just as equally as your give freely of yourself while honoring the greatness of each other.
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slyandkamilah's Blue wedding
Saginaw, MI, USA
this is new to me but yet different and cool.  The words in the ceremony are awesome  so here is my question: what do you keep the water in to store it at your home.  I know with the sand you can seal it and put it on display.  Neat idea  Happy Planning fellow blue bride!!
deneanrae's Blue wedding
Red deer, AB, Canada
I guess it gets flushed down the drain like our youth lol. jk.... im sure if you really wanted you could keep a bottle of it or something??? Were not keeping it. Just as in the sand ceremony... I prob wouldnt end up keeping it personally.... no idea what i would do with it... just collect dust or something.
alwayshis's Red wedding
Saint charles, IL, USA
That's awesome. I had a friend do this & the guests really liked it :)
jaslynn2003's Blue wedding
Mableton, GA, USA
I like this!!!
aaronsbridetobe's Blue wedding
Collinsville, IL, USA
I like this. Cute idea!
tashasita's Purple wedding
York, ON, Canada
Oh so pretty! I love it!
tashasita's Purple wedding
York, ON, Canada
Love the meanings of the colours and the symbolism. You could keep it bottled up.. but LOL @ flushed down the drain like your youth! LOLOL

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