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FMIL's Cake
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Wedding Cake
Diamonds, Damask, &Cake;; OH MY!

So, my quest to find the perfect wedding cake has ended. &I must say, I am in Love! This cake screams ME (pic#1). It matches my theme perfectly. Of course I plan to change a few things about it to customize it and make it my own but for the most part, this is it. AND to top it all off the Cakestress who will be making it also made my FMIL’s 40th bday cake and is only going to charge us $340.00!!! Pics #3-4.

Ladies, can you say STEAL DEAL.! God is really looking out for us to ensure we stay in budget. But also that I’m getting everything I always wanted. =) Lucky Me lol….

Pic #2 is the stand I plan to have the cake sit on. It’s simply made with flame-less candles, 4-8 short cubed cases turned upside down, and a flat glass plate.

Pic #5 is the backup plan if for whatever reason my 1st choice for a stand doesn't work out. Its always good to have a backup plan!!

**For some reason some of the pictures are tinted purple. Shrugs Shoulders. But if u click to enlarge it, the real color of the picture shows**
tiffanyranaekasten's Orange wedding
 |  South whitley, IN, USA  |  12/18/2011  | 
congrats the cake looks amazing
tiffanyranaekasten's Orange wedding
 |  South whitley, IN, USA  |  12/18/2011  | 
glamdivabride's Purple wedding
 |  Atlanta, GA, USA  |  12/19/2011  | 
That cake is absolutely beautiful and you got it for a GREAT deal...GOD is good :-)
royallyurs612's Pink wedding
 |  Flint, MI, USA  |  12/21/2011  | 
Thanks ladies! I can't wait to see it with my changes...
royallyurs612's Pink wedding
 |  Flint, MI, USA  |  12/21/2011  | 
&omg Tiff, i didn't even notice. I was just telling my FH that no one on here had our date *snaps* shoot lol...Congrats to u...
deliciousdesserts's  wedding
 |  Summerville, SC, USA  |  02/07/2013  | 
Ladies, please forgive me.  I am not a current bride.  I am a cake artist.  I felt compelled to come and comment on this photo to help end the perpetual misfortune that befalls so many brides.  It is just impossible to get THAT cake for $340.  

Currently, there is a discussion on a very popular cake decorating thread.  Many of us have  what the normal cost  of that cake would be in our area.  Currently, the average cost is $1485

Furthermore, I am disappointed in royallyyurs for not returning to share photos of how her $340 cake was delivered.  You can see photos of it at www  dot lasphotography01 dot com/p359134276.    Now THAT is a $340 cake.
maddie's  wedding
 |  Birmingham, AL, USA  |  02/15/2013  | 
Thanks for the link, deliciousdesserts. That poor cake. I hope it didn't ruin what appeared to be an otherwise beautiful looking wedding!
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